Educator & Theatre Artist

The Laramie Project

written by moisés kaufman and members of the tectonic theatre project

The Laramie Project


Theatre storytellers amplifying voices of a community— a community processing their own hate.


"One of my favorite #MomentsInLaramie is when we all really delved into this story together, spending a few hours of rehearsal watching interviews and reading testimonies and just immersing ourselves in the community and time where this murder took place. Many of us cried because we were all angry, exasperated, incredibly sad, and touched by the people of Laramie, Wyoming. I want people to feel that way when they see this. I want people to realize that this is a play about Laramie, but it's also a play about everyone’s hometown. It’s a play about Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Barely two years ago, a hate crime occurred here. It happened *here*. Deah Shaddy Barakat, Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha, and Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha were victims of a hate crime and we, as a community, need to take responsibility for our role in that. I think that performing this play here is a part of that." - Ruthie Allen, Assistant Director


The Team

Directed by Gray Rodgers
Assistant Directed by Ruthie Allen
Stage Managed by Bailey Elrod
Produced by Tegan Sullivan
Costume Designed by Connor Kirkpatrick and Quinn Eury
Lights Designed by Nicholas Guariglia

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